Here Are Ten African Proverbs to Consider Today

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Proverbs are an essential part of African culture. They are passed on from one generation to another and are used to rebuke, admonish or praise. Here are ten proverbs to ponder on today:

1.When a mighty tree falls, the birds are scattered into the bush
Meaning: When a great leader dies without a successor, his people are left directionless.

2. A common snake which a man sees all alone may become a python in his eyes
Meaning: One person’s account is not enough to judge a matter

3. A boy who persists in asking what killed his father before he has enough strength to avenge, may be asking for his father’s fate
Meaning: Only fight battles you are prepared for

4.  No matter how long a log stays in water, it does not become a crocodile
Meaning: you cannot fake who you really are

5.  If a child washes his hand he can dine with kings
Meaning: A distinguished person gains the respect of elders

6. All lizards lay flat thus no one knows the one that is suffering from stomach ache
Meaning: People’s intentions are hidden beneath their appearance so be careful

7. He who does not know the road to a stream should be guided by pieces of broken clay pot
Meaning: Let the experience of others serve as a guide for you

8. When a mother goat eats its jaw, the kid will always watch and learn
Meaning: Be careful how you behave around your kids, they are quietly learning.

9. What an elder saw while sitting, a youth could not see it standing
Meaning: Elders are more wise than young people hence their advice must be seriously considered.

10. A chick that will grow into a rooster can be spotted the very day it hatches
Meaning: There is a sign to how a situation will go by looking critically at its early stages.

Hope you enjoyed these proverbs. Do feel free to make use of them and please suggest more if you can. Thanks for reading.

by Benjamin J. Obeng