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Fresh off of visiting some of the most flood-hit areas in England, it seems the Prince of Wales has hit solid London ground in the form of the mini-motherland, AfricaX5’s head office.

Prince Charles, who has pioneered major regeneration efforts after the 2011 riots, headed down to our base today at the 639 Enterprise Centre, Tottenham, in a surprise visit to the entrepreneurs that were hard at work as usual. The building itself is a small treasure of the Royal Highness in that it is part of the Prince’s Trusts fund; hence the epic nature of a visit from Prince Charles to see how Tottenham is rebuilding.

And indeed Tottenham has regrouped and redeveloped since those infamous riots 2 and a half years ago during which the 639 building was damaged in the hostile proceedings. At that point all communication between the youth and authorities was thwarted and it seemed that any conversation that would’ve occurred would be through gritted teeth and locked fists. But the tension is fortunately easing. The recent non-guilty verdict of V53 (the officer who shot and killed Mark Duggan), wasn’t met with half of the contempt that was expected, which is a testament to a growing self-awareness of the new generation along with Mayor Boris Johnson’s efforts to keep the peace.

So after the proverbial red carpet had been rolled out for Prince Charles and the AfricaX5 logo had been polished to a Buckingham Palace standard, his Highness spoke with our CEO Weike Ezeigwe about the changes he had witnessed in Tottenham. This was all captured by the ITV camera crew and was broadcast on the 6oclock news showing Weike and Prince Charles catching up on the progress of the website.

Also in their conversation they spoke a bit about Weike’s recent journey and youth empowerment efforts in Nigeria and hopes for the future of African and Caribbean youth in London England. On that note, I guess some things are better shown that told so as the alliance between the streets, the voice and the gatekeepers is strengthened, collectively we can begin to break down some barriers and build up some powerful self-belief and belief in our royal family.

By Mathew Roache
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