Getting to Know Mr.Play the Entrepreneur

Posted on: January 14th, 2017 | by:




In the world of entertainment, it’s usually known and is a norm to see the artists at the forefront of this business. But it’s those behind the scenes doing their all, that are not always acknowledged. AfricaX5 sat down with Mr. Play, a man who knows a lot about working behind  in the management and entertainment world.

Mr. Play, who was born Anthony Douglas, gave an insight on what it took him to build a business that would create opportunities for him. He states that it was mostly his dad’s “tough love” mentality and his work ethic that got his management business to take off and go international.

The entrepreneur, highlighted that his journey started off as him being a promoter. He went through this root because he realised that people that he looked up to such as “..diddy and Russell Simmons all started off as promoters” and later became forces to not reckoned with in business.

The half Jamaican and half Sierra leonean, humble beginnings had him push for success in any every area possible.  Even when working in McDonalds Mr. Play saw a window of opportunity to promote. He said “I made sure I had the drive thru [shift] so I can promote my parties. I made McDonalds work!”

Thing’s weren’t all smooth sailing, as not all saw his vision of becoming the ‘ears and eyes’ of UK’s music and entertainment world. His dad was one amongst many who didn’t see this and was at first disappointed of his career choice; “My dad was heart broken when I didn’t go to university…he wasn’t pleased”. Nonetheless, he said “My pride got the better of me [so] I can’t give up even if I wanted to”. This led his dad to come round when he began to see his hard work paying off.

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